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> Updates > Dorsal Myelopathy and OPLLDorsal myelopathy is characterised by dificulty in walking, tightness in legs, Imbalance, urinary problems and weakness in legs. The cause is usually either ossified disc or Posterior Ligament (OPLL) and Ossified Ligamentum Flavum (OLF). The symptoms develop slowly and are gradully progressive. The treatment of Dorsal myelopathy secondary to OPLL or OLF is always surgical. The aim of treatment is to halt progression and give a chance of recovery. The more advanced are symptoms, the Results are poor.This Patient had imbalance for last 4 years, which was progressive. He had to use Walker for support. MRI showed OPLL in dorsal spine. patient underwent Dorsal laminectomy with Pedicle screw fixation. Patients gait gradually improved after surgery.