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> Updates > Osteoporotic Fracture - Pedicle Screw Fixation and VertebroplastyA 68 year old male had fall with Injury to back 1 month back. His Xray showed fracture of D12 vertebrae and He had severe Back Pain. Initially the fracture was managed conservatively with Brace and rest but pain did not improve. MRI showed Nonunion of fracture with instability at fracture site. He was operated with Pedicle Screw fixation and Cement augumentation i.e Vertebroplasty. He was mobilised from next day of surgery and discharged in two days. at 3 months follow up he was completely pain free and walking independently.Dr Pramod saini is a Spine Surgeon in Noida working at Jaypee Hospital. He also Practices at his clinic in Sector 77 and in Indirapuram.