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> Updates > Redo Spine Surgery- Surgical Site Infection38 year old male had fall from height leading to L1 burst fracture for which he was operated elsewhere. After surgery he developed pus discharge from surgical site which could not be controlled even after 3 months of antibiotics. When he presented to us at Jaypee hospital, He had severe Back pain with weakness in legs and diffiulty in walking and standing. There was a pus discharging sinus in the back. His Xrays and MRI showed Impalnt failure with Epidural Abscess compressing the Spinal Cord.After thorough Counselling, He was again Operated. His previous Screws Were removed. Debridemrnt and wash was given and new screws were put with additonal level of Fixation. Cultures sent during surgery grew bacteria and appropiate antibiotics were started. Follow up MRi at 3 months showed almost complete resolution of Infection and patient was pain free