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> Updates > Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of back along with a visible hump. It is usually seen in children in nine to fifteen years of age which is the growing phase. Females are more likely to have severe deformity requiring treatment. In Most of the cases there is no identifiable cause.Apart from hump in the back, child may have shifting of body to one side, one shoulder higher than the other, unequal waist line and asymmetric buttocks. Cases with mild deformity are usually asymptomatic, but those with severe hump have back pain, breathing difficulty and cosmetic disfigurement.Early detection of scoliosis is very important as timely treatment when the deformity is mild, with brace and exercises, can slow progression of curve and avoid surgery. But most cases are detected late when surgery is the only option. There is simple test called Adams forward bending test which is used in many countries for screening in school going children. In this the child bends forward with knees kept straight and is observed from behind for any abnormal hump. Normally the spine should be flat.Surgical correction of scoliosis is as safe procedure due to improvements in techniques & advance equipments. Better quality & stronger quality implants have made correcting deformity easier with patients walking within 4 days. Latest techniques of Neuromnitoring provide continuous monitoring of nerves and detects even minute amount of stress on spinal cord. This has significantly increased safety of patient and success ratePresenting a case of fifteen year old girl that underwent Scoliosis surgery at our centre