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> Updates > Spinal Spondylodiscitis or Infections of the spineInfections of Spine are of two types Pyogenic or Tubercular Infections.Tuberculosis of spine is very common it is characterized by the slowly progressive pain along with weight loss history of loss of appetite. TB leads to development of abscess which cause bone destruction and compression over spinal cord.For Tuberculosis of spine anti Tubercular drugs are taken for 9 months.For pyogenic infections antibiotics are given for 3 months.42 year old male had underwent endoscopic discectomy 1 year back. His symptoms improved for 6 months but for last 3 months he was having back pain. This pain was gradually progressive.His MRI showed reduced L45 disc space with marrow oedema.He underwent L45 decompression and fusion TLIF.His pain improved significantly after surgey. He was put on antibiotics fir 3 months.