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> Updates > TB of Cervical Spine (Tuberculosis of Spine) Or Pott's Spine52 year old female presented with sudden onset weakness in hands and legs along with numbness for last four days. She was not able to pass urine since 1 day. she had background history of long standing leg pain. MRI of cervical spine showed complete collapse of C5vertebra abscess in front of spinal cord causing compression in few of compression over the spinal cord. Due to weakness in the upper Limbs and the lower Limb she was operated upon. sienderman C5 Calicut contact me with autologous iliac crest bone grafting and platings after surgery or weakness improved when she was made to sit stand and walk with support and with soft cervical collar she is on antitubercular drugs or ATT for next 9 months.Dr Pramod saini is spine specialist at Jaypee Hospital Noida.