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> Updates > Tuberculosis of Spine in ChildrenTuberculosis of spine in children behaves in somewhat different manner when compared to adults. Any deformity or bone destruction can give rise to future deformity as the child grows. The younger the patient higher are the chances for the deformity to grow and increase in magnitude. Therefore, Regular follow up with serial radiographs is required in such Children.The above MRI is of a 7 yr old child who had Dorsal Spine Tuberculosis with 3 vertebral body destruction. He was treated with ATT , Brace and rest. His condition improved and on follow up TB was completely cured. However after 3 years he complained of weakness in legs and imbalance. His new MRI showed a local deformity in upper Dorsal Spine with Spinal cord compression and Cord Oedema. He had to undergo Deformity correction and stabilisation. He was at risk of this deformity due to extensive destruction seen in first MRI and MRI was showing Spine ar Risk Signs. Therefore , some children with Tuberculosis of spine with Spine At Risk Signs need Early surgery to prevent Future complications.