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> Updates > Tuberculosis of Spine/ Pott's Spine A 75 year old female presented to us at Spine Clinic, Indirapuram with severe back pain of 4 month duration and weakness in both legs. She had fever with loss of apetite, weight loss and low grade fever. Her MRI should collapse of vertebrae with pus formation and spinal cord compression and was suggestive of Tuberculosis. In view of Neurological Deficit and Spinal cord compession she was advised surgery . She underwent Spinal Decompression and Pedicle Screw fixation at Jaypee Hospital, Noida. She improved dramatically after surgery and was discharged to home after 3 days. At 3 months follow up, she was walking with walker and had increse in weight and apetite.Dr Pramod Saini is consultant Spine surgeon at Jaypee Hospital in noida. He routinely performs Spinal surgeries like Deformity correction and Microdisc surgeries. He also does Monthly out station OPDs at Dadri, Muzzafar nagar, Aligarh and Hapur.