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Spine Surgery - Myths and facts

There are few common notions in general public about spine surgeries like -

1. Spine Surgery is dangerous with high risk of complications and very low success rate.

2. Long period of Bed rest is required after spine surgery.

3. you can delay surgery for a long period and surgery should be done only when patient is completely bed ridden or paralyzed 

Because of baseless misconceptions and myths about spine surgery , people are scared and  do not seek surgical treatment early. By the time they are willing for it, its too late as nerves get irrevesibly damaged. 95 % of patients with slip disc  problem get better with non operative measures like medicines, rest, Physiotherapy, Excercise and sometimes Epidural injections. Only 5 % of patients need surgery.Best results of surgery are usually is seen in those patients who get operated within 6 to 9 months of start of symptoms before any permanent numbness or weakness develops. If nerves are compressed for long time some irreversible changes develop in them. These changes do not revert back even after decompression. In theses patients even after surgery there is residual numbness or weakness seen after surgery. By doing surgery a Surgeon is just decompressingthe nerves. So   if a nerve is already damaged the symptoms may not improve. Thats why patients are advised surgery before development of permanat deficit.

 In Majority of cases of Spine surgery, patient is mobilised out of bed as soon as posible and long bed rest is not required. After Microdiscectomy patient starts sitting, standing and walking from very next day of surgery and is discharged. For six weeks patients are advised to avoid forward beding. After 6 weeks excerises are started and after 3 months normal activities are resumed.

 Spine surgery is not Dangerous. When done properly in right patient at the right time, results are excellent.

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