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Ocipitocervical Fusion - Nonunion Odontoid Fracture74 year old female had history of fall at home 3 months back. Since then she had constant Neck pain with difficulty in ambulation. Her MRI & CT scan showed fracture of Odontoid bone in Cervical spin

Herniated Disc - Know How It Affects You!A herniated disc also known as a slip disc or prolapsed disc refers to the problem where one of the discs located in between the bones of the vertebrae(backbone) gets damaged and stacks itself upon the nerves

Back pain and Degenerative ScoliosisDegenerative Scoliosis is age related curvature of spine that develops due to disc degeneration. Its commonly seen in females after 50 years of age aand presents with Back Pain with sometimes radiation in legs due

Osteoporotic Fracture - Pedicle Screw Fixation and VertebroplastyA 68 year old male had fall with Injury to back 1 month back. His Xray showed fracture of D12 vertebrae and He had severe Back Pain. Initially the fracture was managed conservatively