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Redo Spine Surgery- Surgical Site Infection38 year old male had fall from height leading to L1 burst fracture for which he was operated elsewhere. After surgery he developed pus discharge from surgical site which could not be controlled even after 3

Osteoporotic Spinal fractures75 year old patient from Ghaziabad had fall at home followed by fracture in L2 vertebrae in Spine. He was initially treated with rest and taylor brace. But after 4 months of treatment he still had severe back pain that w

High Grade Spondylolisthesis and Cauda Equina SyndromeA 43 year old female presented with Back pain with Both lower limb radiation since last 4 years. She also had urinary incontinence and constipation. Her MRI showed L5s1 high grade Spondylolisth

Spinal Tumour and Paraplegia21 year old male presented to us with severe back and leg pain with absent movements in legs since 3 months. He had been diagnosed elsewhere as a case of metastatic tumour of spine with spinal cord compression. He had bee