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Dr Pramod saini is available for consultation at The Clinic in Sector 77, Noida with prior Appointment.He is also available for consultation atJaypee Hospital twice a week - Monday & Friday 11 to 1 pm.You need to book the appointment so we can ma

Spine OPD at Dadri, Greater NoidaJaypee Hospital, Noida is starting Spine OPD at Dadri, Greater Noida. Dr Pramod Saini, Consultant Spine Surgery at Jaypee Hospital would be Conducting OPD at Mangalam Hospital in Dadri every 2nd and 4th Thursday of t

Congenital scoliosis and HemivertebraeCongenital scoliosis is one which is caused due to abnormalities of spine or spinal cord during growth of the child during pregnancy. Even though it is called congenital i.e by birth but scoliosis develops as t