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Epidural Injection or Selective Nerve root blockPatients with Sciatica and Slip Disc sometimes, Not responding to medications are candidates for Spinal injections commonly known as Epidural injections. Most commonly used technique for spinal injec

Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures and cement augmentation or kyphoplasty78 yr old male had fall in bathroom resulting in L3 lumbar vertebra fracture. Pt was diabetic and hypertensive. Fracture was intially managed nonoperatively with rest

Coccydynia & Coccygectomy ( Tail bone Pain)Coccyx also known as Tail bone is the triangular vestigial bone that forms lowermost tip of our spine. It is attached to sacrum through Sacrococcygeal Joint. Normally this Joint is immobile, that is there

Tuberculosis of Spine in ChildrenTuberculosis of spine in children behaves in somewhat different manner when compared to adults. Any deformity or bone destruction can give rise to future deformity as the child grows. The younger the patient higher a

Endoscopic DiscectomyEndoscopic discectomy is a minimally invasive spine surgery or Key hole surgery done under local anaesthsia. In this procedure, Disc is removed through avery small incision . Patient gets immediate pain releif and is discharged

Transpedicular Biopsy of Spinal lesionsFor majority of cases of Spinal lesions on MRI, Diagnosis can be easily made on radiological findings and empirical treatment started. However in some cases with suspicion of Malignancy or Metastasis and atyp

Minimally invasive spine surgery ( MISS fracture fixation)MISS has its own advantages over open surgery like small incision & scar, minimal blood loss, early rehabilitation and recovery. However all spine cases are not candidates for Minimally Inv