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Non Operative Management of Cervical Odontoid Fracture with Halo Vest A 35 year had accident following which he had severe Neck Pain and was not able to move his head. His MRI showed C2 Fracture with Fracture of arch of C1. His Neurology was Normal.

Fracture of Spine53 year old female had fall from bike resulting in severe back pain. Her Xray showed fracture of L1 vertebrae and ruptured Spinal ligaments. Luckily she did not have any weakness in legs and her neurology was normal. CT showed an un

Minimaly Invasive Fracture Fixation21 year old male had fall from height resulting in L2 fracture. His neurology was Normal. He underwent Percutaneouds fracture fixation using Pedicle screws. He was mobilised next day and discharged after 2 days

Non Operative Management of Cervical Vertebra Fracture40 year old patient had to neck injury to neck following road traffic accident. He complained of severe neck pain with normal neurology. His xray and MRI showed displaced fracture of C2 cervica

A 22-year-old woman presented to our emergency department with a 9-week history of worsening neck stiffness, inability to grip objects, lift arms up, self-care and lower limb weakness. She reported no recent travel or history of trauma and denied pr