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LUMBAR MICRODISCEECTOMY AND CAUDA EQUINA SYNDROME32 year old female presented with complaints of back pain with both legs pain since 2 months. Her pain were sciatica like sharp shooting in nature and increased with activity and reduced with rest. S

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of back along with a visible hump. It is usually seen in children in nine to fifteen years of age which is the growing phase. Females are more likely to have severe deformity requiring treatment. In Most of the case

Ocipitocervical Fusion - Nonunion Odontoid Fracture74 year old female had history of fall at home 3 months back. Since then she had constant Neck pain with difficulty in ambulation. Her MRI & CT scan showed fracture of Odontoid bone in Cervical spin

Lumbar spine fracture - pedicle screw fixationA young female had fall from height with L2 burst fracture with weakness in both lower limbs. She was operated next day with pedicle screw fixation and decompression. After surgery she had improvement i

Cervical Disc Prolapse and Anterior Cervical Discetomy & Fusion45 year old male had been having neck pain for last seven years on & off. for Last seven days he developed sharp shooting current like pain going from neck in to right arm. pain was unb

Cervical Spine Tuberculosis55 year female presented with severe Neck Pain with Arm pain and difficulty in walking for last 6 months. She was not able to walk without support.Her MRI showed C34 destruction with abscesses suggestive of Spinal Tuberc

Tuberculosis of Spine 48 year old Female presented with Neck pain with radiation to arm with Weakness in legs and hand. She Had difficulty in walking with loss of weight and apetite. Her MRI of Cervical Spine showed complete destruction of C3 and C4