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Ocipitocervical Fusion - Nonunion Odontoid Fracture74 year old female had history of fall at home 3 months back. Since then she had constant Neck pain with difficulty in ambulation. Her MRI & CT scan showed fracture of Odontoid bone in Cervical spin

Non Operative Management of Cervical Odontoid Fracture with Halo Vest A 35 year had accident following which he had severe Neck Pain and was not able to move his head. His MRI showed C2 Fracture with Fracture of arch of C1. His Neurology was Normal.

Osteoporotic Spinal fractures75 year old patient from Ghaziabad had fall at home followed by fracture in L2 vertebrae in Spine. He was initially treated with rest and taylor brace. But after 4 months of treatment he still had severe back pain that w

Non Operative Management of Cervical Vertebra Fracture40 year old patient had to neck injury to neck following road traffic accident. He complained of severe neck pain with normal neurology. His xray and MRI showed displaced fracture of C2 cervica

Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures and cement augmentation or kyphoplasty78 yr old male had fall in bathroom resulting in L3 lumbar vertebra fracture. Pt was diabetic and hypertensive. Fracture was intially managed nonoperatively with rest

Osteoporotic Fracture - Pedicle Screw Fixation and VertebroplastyA 68 year old male had fall with Injury to back 1 month back. His Xray showed fracture of D12 vertebrae and He had severe Back Pain. Initially the fracture was managed conservatively