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Osteoporotic Spinal fractures75 year old patient from Ghaziabad had fall at home followed by fracture in L2 vertebrae in Spine. He was initially treated with rest and taylor brace. But after 4 months of treatment he still had severe back pain that w

Osteoporotic Fracture - Pedicle Screw Fixation and VertebroplastyA 68 year old male had fall with Injury to back 1 month back. His Xray showed fracture of D12 vertebrae and He had severe Back Pain. Initially the fracture was managed conservatively

Osteoporotic Vertebral Fracture and Cement Augumentation ( Vetebroplasty/ Ballon Kyphoplasty)67 Year Old female with history of fall had Osteoporotic fracture of D 12 Vertebral bone. She Had severe back pain which increased with activity and she fel

Dr Pramod saini is a spine surgeon at Jaypee Hospital, Sector 128, Noida. He is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and is fellowship trained for spinal disease. His practice is completly restricted to. Managing spinal disorders and does not practices general Ort

OSTEOPOROTIC FRACTURES - MINIMALLY INVASIVE FRACTURE FIXATION AND CEMENT AUGUMENTATION73 year old male had a fall from hieght with multiple spinal fractures. His MRI showed fractures of D5, D7, D10 and D12 vertebral fractures. Patient underwent MI

Dr Pramod Saini, Spine Sugeon Jaypee HospitalDr Pramod Saini is a Orthopaedic surgeon with special training in Spine surgery. He is a Fellowship trained spine surgeon. Even though he is an Orthopaedic surgeon, his Practice is restricted to Spinal p

Minimally Invasive Spine SurgeryMinimally invasive spine surgery is the latest trend in the field of Spine Surgery. This technique involves use of small incisions with advantages of small incision, less blood loss, less post operative pain and ear

Spine OPD at AligarhJaypee Hospital, Noida has started monthly Opd at Aligarh for patients with spinal problems. Dr Pramod Saini, Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon will visit Aligarh every 4 th tuesday of the month for the OPD.Dr Pramod Saini is an