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Coccydynia & Coccygectomy ( Tail bone Pain)Coccyx also known as Tail bone is the triangular vestigial bone that forms lowermost tip of our spine. It is attached to sacrum through Sacrococcygeal Joint. Normally this Joint is immobile, that is there

Minimally Invasive FusionA 63 year old male had Back Pain with radiation in both Legs. He was not able to sit, Stand and walk for more than few minutes. His MRI showed Spondylolisthesis with Instability on Xrays. He underwent Minimally invasive fus

Redo Spine Surgery- Surgical Site Infection38 year old male had fall from height leading to L1 burst fracture for which he was operated elsewhere. After surgery he developed pus discharge from surgical site which could not be controlled even after 3

Atlantoaxial Instability and C1 C2 Fusion25 year old female complained of Neck Pain with tingling along neck and upper limbs . She also had difficult in walking and urinary frequency. Her MRI showed signal change at C1 level without any signific